Welcome to the Future of Real Estate!

In today’s market, technology has allowed many agents to work from the comfort and convenience of their own home office. Eliminating the need for a “traditional,” stand-alone office allows our agents to keep the money they have earned in their pockets. Just looking at the past ten years, almost 2/3 of stand-alone real estate offices have closed. The savings are drastic when rent, desk fees, technology fees, and franchise fees are eliminated!  Savings are even more drastic when you’re an agent with Greenlight Properties.

We’re not for everyone, only agents that want to keep WAY more of their earnings!

How We Do Things

We’ve completely eliminated confusing “100%” programs where you’re actually paying monthly and yearly fees plus E&O plus this and plus that. We’ve also eliminated caps that are hard to understand and know when you’ll finally reach it. Greenlight provides one easy-to-understand, transparent plan so you don’t have any questions when you receive your commission check which is often much higher than that of agents receiving “100%” of their commission!

The company may live online but it is driven by real people making real connections with the clients they serve and the colleagues they work alongside.

Compensation Plan

– EVERY agent receives AT LEAST 95% commission on EVERY sale
– Per transaction cap to ensure you keep way more hard-earned dollars
– A yearly cap SO LOW we can’t publish it here
– NO FEES – nothing upfront, monthly, yearly, or per transaction – the split and that’s it!

It’s so simple and transparent that some think there is a catch. We promise, there’s really not!

What We Provide

– Real human, compassionate, experienced Managing Broker to answer your questions and lend support
– Business building tools that have proven success
– Marketing library
– Simple to understand, generous compensation plan
– Free sign and business card design
– Freedom to brand yourself
– Strategic partners if you need them (but you’re completely welcome to continue working with your preferred partners – escrow, title, lending, etc.)
– Training, mentoring and accountability coach (utilize all three, or separately)
– Individual agent page on company website
– Agent announcement on all social media
– E&O insurance

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No fees + easy to reach caps + stratospheric split = more money in your pocket!